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How do I get paid?

Currently ,you can choose to pay through Credit Card and Paypal.

How long will it take?

Transactions can be finished within minutes normally. But it can occasionally take up to 10 minutes -24hours depending on stock and order volumes.


What payment methods do you accept? 

At present, you can pay by Paypal, Credit Card.

How can I pay with my Credit Card or Debit Card?

Once you are redirected to the paypal page, you will see an option as” Pay with an independent Credit Card”, you can choose that option and you will be able to pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card. If your card is refused, you can contact paypal support and they will check the reason for you, as we know, some cards are not accepted by paypal. 

Why I can’t pay with my credit card, it says my card is rejected?

A failed payment by credit card is usually caused by your credit card issuer. As it is an international payment, sometimes credit card issuer will block the paying request for security reason if you hardly do international pays. Of course, that can also be caused by incorrect filled information. By solving this problem, you may need to double check the information you fill while you pay and try several times, if it still doesnt work, it can be solved by calling your credit card company.

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